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Honestly, I cannot say enough good things about Mary and her dog training business. I found Mary through an advertisement for dog training on Craigslist when I was looking for help with my increasingly unruly 8-month old mastiff, Newton. I ended up taking 2 rounds of Obedience classes with Mary, followed by several months of one-on-one training when Newton developed dog-aggressive behavior. I am so, so thankful that I found Mary – she was a complete natural with Newton, and was never phased by his behavior. Thanks to Mary’s seemingly endless patience and dedication to helping Newton and my family out, we found a training method that got through to him - and now our 165 pound dog is a happy member of the family! I have Mary to thank for all the progress he has made, and I 100% recommend her services to anyone who is looking for obedience training or other help with their dogs. Christine

Mary Maltbie makes dog training easy and fun for you and your pet. Mary's love for animals is apparent the moment your first class begins. Often the pet owner is intimidated by dog training which is not the case at Heel Dog Training Academy. Mary stresses the importance of patience with your pet and takes time to assure you are comfortable with the training. Mary provides the tools you just follow her lead and your pet will be happier and you will be thrilled with the results. Oliver (my mini Aussie) and I have taken two classes with Mary and I can say that both of us have benefited greatly from Mary's experience and guidance. It's a great investment in your dogs life. Carol 

I hope you and the other obedience instructors know that your classes are valuable for what they teach but also for the opportunity they offer to regain equilibrium that has been sorely tested by our beloved pets. I walk away inspired and hopeful yet again even after Maggie has tried my patience.......Thanks. Susan K.

We had a party this weekend and while I was cooking I put stormy on "place" so I could get a few things started then take her out walking. Katrina went to the store with 5 other girls. When they returned, They all walked passed Stormy and into the kitchen where I was. I had to ask them if Stormy was still on "place". She was so still and well behaved, they didn't notice her there. She did well. We thank you so much and hope to continue with other classes.

Thanks, Taalib

Thanks for all you help. I really do appreciate it, it's very reassuring to know I have someplace to turn to - I would otherwise be at my wits end. Hana

Things are going really well. I am much more calm when dealing with any stolen objects and he quickly looses interest when I don't chase him or care that he has it.

We can't thank you enough, we just feel like we have much better tools in dealing with him.

So all in all, we are very happy and we keep on working. Thanks you again so much, we so appreciate your help. We would love to see you again, formally, maybe sometime in the next few months to check in, if you are available. Thank you again, you really are as great as everyone said you would be!!

Sincerely, Maggie

p.s. One of my clients at work (I'm a hairstylist) that is a dog person also was raving about their trainer for their golden, Sam. (This client and I often used to bond over our dog woes!) Turns out you come very highly recommended from all directions, but she was so excited to learn we had already met with you! So Colleen says hi and that Sam is behaving just wonderfully!!!

Jadey's Story

A Fortuitous Mistake, Shortly after losing our first pet Rottweiler after eleven years, I began to almost insanely research the breed and breeders to insure that I could find the healthiest dog, from the most premier bloodlines possible. My research quickly leads me to Rottweilers with German lineage and prestigious pedigrees from the early twentieth century. As it would be, these dogs also carried high International Schutzhund titles after their name. In my ignorance and having had dogs all my life, I completely discredited any concept of nature versus nurture and surely if I raised the puppy to be a mellow, loveable pet, that’s what it would be. I could not have been more wrong! As my wife and I tried to teach and train this monster affectionately known as Jadey, she ruled us with an iron fist. Although we had Jadey in training classes since she was ten weeks old, we experienced marginal success at best. Jadey was getting now getting bigger and it was difficult to determine if she was totally unruly or worse, becoming aggressive. My wife and I were at wits end and literally days away from returning Jadey to the breeder and that’s when magic happened. Our trainer suggested that we should have Jadey evaluated by Mary before we make our decision. At the time when we met Mary, my wife and I had already relegated ourselves to accept failure, but, we didn’t talk about it. Mary talked with us while observing Jadey, took her for a walk and conducted a brief examination. Within minutes Mary brought Jadey back to us and stated with certainty that she’s not an aggressive dog, she’s a brat! Mary went on to describe traits of given working dogs and these have been purposefully bred into them. I then asked her how Jadey should be trained, Mary shrugged her shoulders and without breaking her smile said, “Whatever works, you have to find out what makes her tick”. This is truly where Mary stands out; she has developed many skills both from grassroots experience and other commensurate colleagues to achieve desired and repeatable results. Whether working to polish a dog and handler before a big competition or teaching a basic beginner class for owner’s to have obedient, well behaved family members, Mary’s passion and conviction remain high. Only through her unwavering commitment has Mary come to understand the synergistic bond that can exist between a person and their dog and because of my fortuitous mistake with Jadey did I have the opportunity to meet Mary. Sincerely, Ted C. S

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