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Competition Obedience Classes

Heel Dog Training Academy has a lot of experience getting dog and handler teams ready for the obedience ring. Whether starting out for the first time with your Novice A dog or needing someone with an eye for detail and the ability to help you get the top performance you would like in the ring, we can help you.

We have two locations for competition classes. Pet Lodge of Clifton Park has a novice and utility class on going either indoors or outdoors depending on weather. We have added another location for classes at Working Dog LLC in Amsterdam NY. The training building is fully matted with heat and air conditioning. At this time, there is a competition obedience class for new people to the sport and one class geared toward experienced handlers and dogs working in Open/Utility.  

training dogs in beautiful ring set up

Working Dog NY LLC training rings where Heel Dog Training Academy holds some of its competition classes.

Working Dog LLC Training Rings

Heel Dog Training Academy having the following classes at

Working Dog LLC in Amsterdam, NY

Open/Utility Proofing Class Saturdays

Cost: Drop in fee is $20 per dog

This class is for the dog and handler that have the skills to compete in Open and Utility but would like to work on polishing these skills or doing distraction work on these skills. Stays will be part of the class. Distractions will be modified to what the dog is ready for and will be used to build confidence and understanding of the exercise.

Competition Obedience Level II Saturdays 

Cost: Drop in fee is $20 per dog

This class is for the dog that is starting to work at the Open level or working at the Open level and has a retrieve of the dumbbell. The class will cover the Open exercises in a teaching format and introduce some distraction work for dog to give them further understanding of the exercises. There will also be an introduction to the Utility level exercises in class. This class is for the dog/handler that is getting ready for the Open Competition ring or competing in Open and wants to start learning Utility.

Competition Obedience Level I Saturdays 

Cost: Drop in Fee is $20 per dog

This class is designed for the dog that is getting ready for the Beginner Novice/Novice level of competition obedience. A lot of attention is paid to heeling and attention work, stays (sit,down, stand) , and recall work. There is also an introduction to some of the open (learning the retrieve) and utility exercises.

If interested in any of these classes, please contact Mary Maltbie at

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