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My dog is being stubborn

Something I hear from some dog owners when they are working through a rough problem with their dog is the dog is being stubborn or spiteful. I think we have to be careful here and take a step back from these thoughts. I do believe dogs have minds of their own and feelings but those feelings are in a dog's frame of mind not human. In most cases, a dog is going to do what is to his advantage. After developing a working relationship with your dog, the dog will realize that working with you is always easier then against you. So the next time you run into a tough training issue with your dog, really take a look at the whole situation. More then likely the dog is not being spiteful or stubborn but somewhere along the training process, communication between the two of you is not clear. Back up in your training and see if things are made clearer to the dog. Or break down the exercise more to its smallest pieces and build from there. Training is always a thing of trust between you and the dog. And as I always say benefit of doubt goes to the dog.

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