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How to make corrections fair to the dog?

Corrections in dog training are not a bad thing and in a lot of ways can help keep a clear line of communication between you and your dog.  There are two things a dog has to understand to make corrections fair and a great tool to use in your training bag,.  The first is the dog has to learn how to shut off a correction.  Let say you teach the dog that a pop on the collar means he should look at you.  The dog is distracted by something.  You pop on the collar.  The dog looks at you and you praise him and tell him how wonderful he is.  The most important thing is he understands that you are praising him for responding to the pop on the collar by looking at you.  The second thing a dog has to learn about a correction is how to avoid the correction.  What this means is the dog will avoid looking away from you because he does not want you to pop the collar.  The dog is not fearful of these corrections because they have been taught to him and he has learned that he is the one in control of the corrections. 
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